• Sunday 30th April 2017

*New 2017* #BB Irons


The critical feature of the #BB Iron is Lynx’s Twin Slot Technology. 

The first slot behind the club face, along with Variable Face Thickness technology (VFT), distributes weight evenly around the hitting surface. 

The second slot propels the ball off the face hotter than any other iron. 

This makes the #BB Irons extremely long and forgiving. Each iron option in the #BB range, caters for different players. 

The #BB Tour Iron features a high polish head with a thinner top edge and narrower sole, ideal for top-flight golfers. The #BB Offset option has a slightly thicker top line and lower centre of gravity to help lift the ball easier and also aids club head release. 

The Maraging Steel option combines the hardest Maraging Steel face and Twin-slot Technology to give phenomenal distance and control for maximum length on the fairways.


Irons options:
#BB Iron 5-PW (4i + AW available), Men’s RH

#BB Offset 5-PW (4i + AW available), Men’s RH

#BB Tour 4-PW (3i available), Men’s RH

Std steel shaft: KBS® Tour

Flex: Regular/stiff

Std graphite shaft:

Graffaloy® ProLaunch blue

Flex: Lite/Regular/Stiff