Lynx Family

Stephanie Zinser

I run the financial side of the business, and also like to meddle in marketing. I also keep an eagle eye on our ladies’ equipment design and development to ensure we make beautiful clubs that perform perfectly.
I only began playing golf 6 years ago and sadly my handicap is not terrific as I am very much a fairweather golfer!
The Lost City course at Sun City, where I doinked a crocodile on the head at the 13th with my golf ball, the golf course at Four Seasons Anahita in Mauritius, and the 9-hole course at Pine Cliffs in Portugal where I shot my lowest ever round of 87 gross.
I’m so lucky to have played with one of my heroes, Gary Player, and have also enjoyed the golfing company of many famous and fantastic people. My dream four-ball would include Barack Obama because I think he’d be great fun, charming and a gentleman, Michel Roux because he is the quintessence of French charm and fun, and Laura Davies because she is not only a phenomenal ball-striker, but also because she’s got a wicked wit and is a fast player!
Ocean’s Eleven, because that’s where my ball ends up whenever I play near water…
I often think that if you’re afraid of something bad happening to you, and you mention it out loud, it won’t then happen. Things always happen that you least expect or don’t anticipate!

Steve Elford

I started playing golf in 1979. My current handicap is 18.
1. Swinley Forest Golf Club
2. Turnberry
3. Anahita, Mauritius
Bruce Springsteen
Barrack Obahma
Nelson Mandela

Becky Murphy

Chief Operating Officer
As Chief Operating Officer, I am responsible for the smooth running of the company. My remit covers pretty much everything from forecasting sales, ensuring stock is ordered and delivered on time, right through the build process and finally, once orders are delivered that we invoice our customers so we can get paid and start the process all over again.
I started work in the food industry within the sales team and then worked in the retail motor industry before starting in the sports Industry with Lynx 5 years ago. All three are different but all demand a high level of customer focus, as reputations are built on doing what you say, when you say, I feel the early jobs prepared me very well for the exciting times we are experiencing at Lynx today and in the future.
My home City of London is one of the best in my mind. Further afield I would say Amsterdam, and Bordeaux. Both beautiful old cities with their own character but different interpretations on Coffee Shops!
My Husband. We both work full-time and the chance of grabbing a dinner with him alone and without interruption would always be top of my list.
Well Home Alone would be appropriate some times but I think I’ll go with Pursuit of Happiness.
None. I believe we make our own luck, and the harder I work, the luckier I become.

Natalie Wignall

Head of Legal and Business Affairs
I am Director of Legal and Business Affairs. I deal with all of the day to day legal issues that arise within the business and at a more strategic
level work with Steve and Stephanie to prepare the business for anticipated continued growth.
I was General Counsel of Liverpool Football Club for 6 years before joining Lynx. I am a barrister by background. I have worked in-house all of my career a considerable proportion of which was with large multi-national corporations. I was recruited in to join Liverpool FC in view of the impending sale in October 2009.
1. Liverpool.
2. Hong Kong.
3. Rome.
Vivienne Westwood, Damien Lewis, Jonathon Ross, Tony Soprano, my beloved husband.
Legally Blond – I was blond back then – believe it or not…..!
Don’t walk under a ladder without crossing my fingers

Murray Tonry

UK and European Sales Manager
I look after UK and European Sales, however I also love getting involved in all aspects of our business. It such fun to see Lynx going from strength to strength.
It was 1978 (must have been a toddler!!!) and got hooked on the game so to work in golf as long as I have is a dream come true for me. My handicap is 4.
Mmm I have been lucky to play some wonderful courses but the
3 that stand out for me are… Lake Nona in Florida, Valderrama In Spain and Turnberry (Ailsa course) in Scotland. Even if you play badly around these courses you can’t help but to enjoy their designs, beauty and challenges.
Well, I would include Seve without question because he was a magician around the course and always played as though he enjoyed playing. My Next Choice would be Paul McGrath, being a Villa fan he is regarded as a legend at Villa, we still sing his name down there. Lastly I am going to choose Aliona from Strictly, I think she would brighten any four ball up and I hate slow golf so she would be ideal to teach my fourball the Quick Step!
Probably Titanic!! I start off in style, playing quite nicely and swinging smoothly, steaming along without a care in the world – then it’s always one hole that creates a monumental disaster!!!
Thank fully touch wood I haven’t got any!

Ian Wilkinson

Area Sales Manager
Area Sales Manager covering Kent, Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey, Essex & London.
Started playing when I was 5! Reached a handicap of 5. I no longer play, too painful!
1. Tryall Golf Club in Jamaica.
2. Country Club of Columbus in Georgia, USA.
3. Valderrama in Spain.

Bruce Springsteen, Mohammed Ali and any Crystal Palace player, past or present.

Quite a lot of saturday afternoon en route to football ones such as parking in the same parking spot, entry by the same turnstile etc.

Grahame Laird

Area Sales Manager
I am the area sales manager for Scotland and part of the North of England. I have been with Lynx for 5 years to see it grow into a popular brand.
My dad played golf so about 6 but really got into it about 12 when my dad took me and my brother to the open championship.
My handicap is 7
Muirfield Village
Royal Troon
Jack Nicklaus: for me the greatest golfer ever.
Seve: just a genius great shot maker best touch and feel for amazing shots.
Arnold Palmer: without Arnie where would we really be. In the golf industry with the big 3 he grew the golf game worldwide and created true star appeal in golf.

Duncan Swash

Area Sales Manager
Area Sales Manager for North West England and North Wales.
I first started playing in 1970. My Handicap is 5.
Hillside Golf Club
Formby Ladies Golf Club
Portmarnock Golf Club
Lee Trevino
Tom Watson
If I have a good score going I don’t like to change anything.

Alex Bridges

Area Sales Manager
Area Sales Manager for Midlands East.
I started at 14, my current handicap is 8.

St Andrews Old.
La Costa.

Muhammad Ali, Robin Williams and Winston Churchill.

Chris Kear

Area Sales Manager
Area Sales Manager for the Midlands
I first picked up clubs when I was 15 years old, and currently play off 3
1. Woodhall Spa
2. Anfi Tauro
3. Robinhood
Tiger Woods
Paul Scholes
And of course you’ve gotta take the old man!
I think Connor McGregor says it best, “Superstitions are for the weak, it’s just another word for fear”

Mike Smith

Area Sales Manager
In my role at area sales manager for the North East of England I share with golf professionals and retailers the passion and enthusiasm that Lynx has for our great game.
I was about 12. My grandad Jim was a delivery driver for Royal Mail and dropped off parcels on a regular basis with Stephen Spinks, the late golf professional at Howley Hall Golf Club near Leeds. He asked Stephen if he had an old club and it turned out to the best present I ever received. I haven’t played for a few years but my last handicap was 6, and my lowest was 3.
Augusta National, Cypress Point and Royal Melbourne. I’m a disciple of golf course architect and fellow Yorkshireman Dr Alister Mackenzie, and have been fortunate enough to have played three of his best.
Seve and Arnie are my golfing heroes, and I’m lucky enough to have played with El Gran Senor at La Manga and to have been invited in for coffee at The King’s house in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. I am also a lover of another kind of turf, so jockey Frankie Dettori would make up the four as he is on a par with Ballesteros and Palmer when it comes to charisma.
Dad’s Army. I played a lot of military golf….left/right/left/right! (Don’t tell him your name Pike-brilliant old style humour).
None. I’m fact over fiction. And my lucky number really is 13.

Kieran O’Connor

Sales agent Ireland
I’m the Sales Agent for Ireland.

I first playing when I was 6 or 7 at a driving range then some Pitch and Putt. Joined a club when I was 20.

Old Head, Bay Hill and Lee Valley (my home club I love it!)

Barack Obama, Jurgen Klopp, JP McManus.

Have to use a coin for a marker in the currency of the country I’m  playing in……don’t know why!

Andy Sumner

Product Demo Days Manager
Product demo days, covering the North of England and Scotland
I can’t remember a time when I didn’t play golf. My father is a PGA professional and I grew up in the back of a pro shop, so I guess it was about 4/5 years old. I recall getting to a handicap of 4 at 13 years of age also scratch by 15 years old. My current handicap is 2.
Augusta National- very lucky to of played here and always amazes people that I have played there.
Swinley Forest – brilliant fun to play as it’s not long butyou really do need to be straight.
My all time favourite is Hillside which is where I have grown up playing and continue to play as a member now.
Tiger Woods as he has been just incredible to watch over the years.
Seve Ballesteros, I watched him a lot growing up so this would be amazing.
My wife Paula, we met through golf and she hasn’t really played since having our
two wonderful kids, it would be great to play again soon.
Fast and the furious 7 – I won’t tell you why.
Not that I can think of, but I would rather not talk about it….. in case it happens.

Mark Goodwin

Custom Fit Manager
Custom Fit Manager
First played golf at the age of 14, handicap is SCR (PGA Advanced Pro)
1. Belle Dunes (France)
2. Pezula (South Africa)
3. Borneo Golf Country Club (Borneo)
Ben Hogan
Gillian Anderson
Michael Johnson (Athlete)

Ben Johnson

Demo Days Manager
Demo Manager South
First played at 15 years around Dibden Golf Course 9 hole, current handicap Pro (Scratch)
1. Spyglass Hill,
2. Sawgrass
3. Quintero (Arizona)
Nick Faldo, Ben Hogan, Moe Norman.
No idea! Maybe Willow or The Hobbit because I’m a Dwarf!
No superstitions really apart from I sign my ball so I can identify it when it’s in the woods!

Allister Rackley

Demo Days Manager/Custom Build assistant
Area Sales Manager, South West
Els Club, Dubai
Yas Links, Abu Dhabi
Royal Melbourne, Australia
Sir Ian Botham with Hayley McQueen as caddy
Will Carling with Rachel Wyse as caddy
Paul Whitehouse with Natalie Sawyer as caddy
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest or Dodgeball
Not really…apart from crossing one magpie, never walking under ladders, putting my right sock and shoe on first, sleeping with one eye open, not stepping on cracks on the pavement, never wearing the same pants four days consecutively

Andrew Bayne

Customer Service Manager
Customer Service Manager
Started playing golf in the back garden with my dad at the age of 6. My current handicap is 4.
San Francisco Golf Club
Praia D’El Rey, Portugal
Caledonia Golf Club, Myrtle Beach
Only play with a white ball, white tee and a white glove …………………no idea why!!!

Sarah Sidebottom

Office Manager
Office Manager – Jack of all trades, master of none
In my late 30’s. My handicap is – my lack of ability!
1. Tyrrells Wood,
2. Quinta do Lago
3. Custom fit studio (Congressional) – Lynx HQ
Seve Ballesteros
Nelson Mandela
Miguel Angel Jimenez
A combination of: A series of Unfortunate Events and Splash!
No superstitions that I can think of.

Chris Bos

Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer. Look after all the Print and web advertising, photography, POS and internal marketing for Lynx.
I first played golf as a student at the age of 19. My handicap is 16.
Wild Coast Sun (South Africa)
Royal Durban Golf Course (South Africa)
Worplesdon GC (UK)
Ernie Els
Nelson Mandela
Stephan Edberg
Always put my right sock on before my left

Gary Tutt

Warehouse Manager
Warehouse Manager at Lynx HQ
I started playing golf at the tender age of 10 in the back garden with my Grandfather. My handicap is my golf, 24.
The Belfry
Seaford Head Golf Club
Aphrodite Hills Golf Club (Cyprus)
Ricky Villa
Muhammad Ali
Mark Goodwin
Caddyshack – Classic slapstick, unforgettable character and endlessly quotable dialogue.

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