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 Would you like your clubs custom fitted?
 Do you need longer or shorter clubs?
 What is your correct grip size?
 How should your club sit?
 Maybe 2º upright or perhaps a little flat?
 What loft do you need on your driver?
 What shaft?
 Graphite or steel?
 Why do you get so much spin on the ball?
 What IS spin?

Golf technology  – and terminology – can be a minefield, and this page is here to help you.

EET – Effective Energy Transfer. A device unique to Lynx that is present on the inside surface behind the striking face of a golf club that disperses energy effectively across the hitting area offering greater forgiveness on off-centre hits. EET will also help to maintain a consistent ball flight off the driver face.

ALP – Adjustable Lie Putter. This allows the player to adjust the base angle from 68° – 76º, making the putter face flatter or more angled to suit the player’s preferred putting stroke.

COG – Centre Of Gravity. The lower the centre of gravity and the further back the centre of gravity is from the face of the club, the higher the trajectory of the shot will be for any given loft angle on the club head. In the Lynx COG Putter, moving the centre of gravity weight higher will increase stability at impact and improve forward momentum of the golf ball giving for a more consistent roll.

TST – Twin Slot Technology. The first slot behind the iron club face distributes weight evenly around the hitting surface – generating unrivalled forgiveness. The second slot creates a further ‘power pocket’, propelling the ball off the face faster than any other iron.

CCT – Ceramic Core Technology. This is an exclusive Lynx process used to develop Twin Slot Technology from a one-piece constructed iron head. This technology is costly but produces a far more consistent and superior product than a two-piece constructed head because whenever you join two pieces of a club head together you will always have an inherent vulnerability. This is why we make one-piece cast heads with our TST!

WBS – Weight Bar System. A reversible weight bar on the sole of the driver which means the player can reposition weight to the front or back of the club head. By repositioning this weight, it gives the player ultimate control over their preferred launch angles and ball spin, giving more control and accuracy.

PFT – Progressive Face Thickness. Enables weight to be distributed around the club face giving maximum performance on all off-centre hits.

MOI – Moment of Inertia. MOI is the term applied to any object’s resistance to twisting around an axis. In golf, the term is usually applied to club heads, but can also be applied to golf balls and even shafts. In terms of the club head, one with a higher MOI will be more resistant to twisting than one with a lower MOI. A club with a high-MOI will twist less on off-centre shots minimising the effects of the mis-hit on the flight of the golf ball.

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