Making Golf Greener

The world is overflowing with unwanted plastic. It’s choking our oceans, spilling out of landfill and microplastics are posing serious health risks to all life that comes in contact with them. It’s not funny.

We at Lynx Golf believe that golf should be fun, but not at the expense of our beautiful planet.

We believe we are the first global golf manufacturer to take action against the plastic scourge of environment, and we have already taken huge steps to eliminate all plastic packaging in our products, and to diligently dispose of any unwanted plastic materials we obtain in ways that do not pose risks to the planet we live on.

Most of these changes are being implemented immediately, and we aim to be totally plastic-free in our packaging by the end of 2019.

We have also teamed up with WWF to support their Bee Friendly initiative, and will be sending out with our products bee-attracting plant seeds so that all our customers can help protect this remarkable and at-risk insect, without whose pollination skills we would simply starve through lack of food.

Let’s make golf fun. And responsible. Choose Lynx.